• Image of In Threads - In Threads
  • Image of In Threads - In Threads

In Threads is the sound of three (free) people in a room throwing music around it. It bounces off the walls & into a "portable recording device".

Daniel Spicer (Mystery Lesson Radio, Bollide), Dr Parsons (struck off?) & Verity Spott (books & music etc) comprise this newly formed trio, weaving skimpy tattered jazz garments out of thin air... & instruments & that...

Churning cello drones, bamboo saxophone dances, cymbals sing & drums chatter. This is Sunday mourning music.

Recorded in Brighton, UK in late 2014. In Threads have since performed live in the South East of England & intend to do so again. A must have for fans of "kalt kaffe" & non-alcoholic sunrises.

Edition of 49. Black & grey CDs with recycled wrap around covers.

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