• Image of Jasmine Guffond / Plurals - Split Live Antics

Live presentations from one fixed unit (JG) & one morphing (P).

Plurals present a thick miasmic fog of sun-lit drone, undulating & throbbing over 26 minutes - typically post-truth shit, ya dig? Collection consciousness / morphic resonance all the way to the temple.

Guffond collides over 4 tracks, terraforming alien landscapes pro-style & establishing the kind of mesmerising audio atmospheres usually only imagined when half asleep & half a-dreaming.

All in all, another open mic night in Gomorrah yields some typically top notch musics.

Mastered by Phil 'Kvevri' Julian.

Limited to 60 copies & complete with 'hypno-mirror disc' CD presentation & heavy duty protection sleeve - we talking microns.